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Welcome to The Mop of Boz homepage! You can Probably tell the site is under refurbishment at the moment, but we are trying to keep the site open at the same time. Please enjoy your stay, be sure to indulge yourself in the spirit of the Mop man himself, and sign the guestbook when your done. Return later to see the newly updated site.

What's it all about?
If you have no idea what this site's about, then read on.
This site at it's simpest is designed to make insane mockery of the extravagant hair style found on the top of boz's head, known as Boz's mop. Over the last year the site has slowly evolved, and now will hopefully have sufficient resources to entertain anyone, alien or human. The site is always improving, so please return whenever you can to see whats new on The Mop Of Boz.

Site refurbishment
You'll notice as you venture into the site that all the pages look the same execpt this one. I intend to work through the pages and give them the same look as this homepage. If you spot errors with the homepage, you can send them, along with any other suggestions here, or become a member of the forums and post there.

Other things This homepage still isn't quite complete, but in the meantime, keep yourself occupied with this games room.

The New Mop Of Boz
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